Picture of fork in the trail near Wilsky Blvd Trailhead

From the Wilsky Blvd Trailhead, follow the asphalt path toward the land fill until it intersects with the main trail. Turn right and continue until you reach the fork.

Choose the left fork to continue to the Channel Park trailhead (approx 2.3 miles). This way circumvents the landfill and crosses Linebaugh Ave. There is a pedestrian tunnel under Linebaugh Ave so crossing is not a problem. Almost immediately after crossing Linebaugh you'll encounter a short wooden bridge and the trail continues to the Dry Creek Drive access point near Towne Park and Pinehurst Community neighborhoods.

Trail Marker for Dry Creek Drive Connector

The Dry Creek Drive connector is an access point that is accessible only by foot from the nearby Towne Park and Pinehurst communities. It is supplied with benches and water but no restroom and is a good place to rest.   More...

Continue on and the trail will cross Sheldon Road. There is a pedestrian tunnel under Sheldon Road so crossing is not a problem. Just a few hundred feet further is the Channel Park Trailhead on Waters Ave which has all the amenities (parking, restrooms, water, and benches). This is the normal turnaround point. By the time you return to Wilsky Blvd, you will have walked about 5 miles.

Choose the right fork to continue to the Citrus Park trailhead (approx 2.5 miles) which is, in my opinion, the most shady portion of the trail. Although shadier, this trail is a little noisier than the other fork because it parallels the Veterans Expressway for about a 1/2 mile.

Whichever trail you choose, you'll have to double back the way you came. This trail does not loop around.