8203 Peterson Rd, Odessa, FL 33556

At this time, 7 March 2019, the trail terminates at Peterson Road. There are plans to link it with another trail that begins on Van Dyke but the date for that is unknown.

Trail users can park at Peterson Road Park or just walk to the trail from neighborhoods along Gunn Hwy such as Northton Grove subdivision which is just across the road.

The first portion of this trail, beginning at Peterson Road Park, is a sidewalk which parallels Rails Road. This area is home to old horse farms and rural homes. Where Rails Road ends, the trail becomes the wide, asphalt-paved trail found throughout the rest of this famous trail.

I don't recommend walking this portion of the trail unless you happen to live in one of the communities that border it. The reason is that, if you want to continue South, you have to cross Ehrlich Road. Ehrlich Road is a busy, dangerous 4-lane road and the wait to cross can be several minutes. For that reason, I start my walks at the Citrus Park Trailhead which is just beyond Ehrlich Road or any of the other access points.