7604 Ehrlich Rd, Tampa, FL 33625

The above address is for Ballyhoo's restaurant which is the closest landmark I could find. If you stand in the parking lot of Ballyhoos, you'll see the trail which is right next to it. The Ballyhoos parking lot is one of the three lots where trail parking is allowed. Ballyhoos is also a pretty good place to eat and drink after a long walk.

The most accessible section of the trail is the portion that runs from the Citrus Park trailhead near Ehrlich Road to the Wilsky Blvd trail head. This 2.5 mile section of the trail is the most shady.

If you choose this trailhead to start your walk, the advantage is that parking is free. The disadvantage is that there is no bathroom at this location. There is water and benches but no bathroom. People who start their walk from this location typically walk to the Wilsky Blvd Trailhead and then return the way they came.

At the Citrus Park Trailhead, there are: three parking lots near the intersection of Ehrlich Road and Gunn Hwy, which are free to park. To the best of my knowledge they are all safe.

The trail between Citrus Park trailhead and Wilsky Blvd trailhead crosses Gunn Highway. There is a pedestrian bridge over Gunn Highway so you don't have to interrupt your walk or deal with traffic. For those who don't like using the bridge, there is a cross-walk. This bridge's slope is gentle enough that motorized wheelchairs can access and cross it.