Channel Park Trailhead Marker


9201 W Waters Ave

Note that there are two similarly named locations: Channel Park Pavillion and Channel Park Trailhead.

Channel Park Pavillion is a major trailhead that is right on the trail and serves as a way station between Wilsky Blvd Trailhead and the end of the trail at Montague street. Channel Park Trailhead is a pedestrian access point for the trail near the Fountainview and Sheldon Chase neighborhoods.

If you use the Channel Park Pavillion as your start location, you have two choices: Facing the canal, (1) go left and follow the trail for 2.25 miles to the Wilsky Blvd Trailhead or (2) turn right and follow the trail for 1.5 miles to the end of the trail at Montague St. Both directions are about equally exposed to the sun, although the section to the right that ends at Montague St offers no shade at all.

Channel Park Trailhead Restrooms

Channel Park Pavillion is the largest and best equipped trailhead and has the largest shelter, parking lot, and bathrooms.